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Welcome to the calming spa like environment found in Dr. Kleinman’s office

Before the first treatment:PhotoOffice

  1. Do not eat a large meal immediately
    before a treatment
  2. Do not strenuously exercise within
    3 hours of the treatment
  3. Do not consume alcohol within 6 hours
    of the treatment

Let Dr. Kleinman know if:

  1. you have a pacemaker
  2. you have a bleeding disorder
  3. you are taking blood thinners i.e. coumadin
  4. you have a damaged heart valve
  5. you have metal pins , plates, or rods
  6. you are allergic to any medications
  7. you have ever fainted when having
    blood drawn or when having an


  1. needle placement is usually painless
    "I’m feeling better. My neck pain is gone and I’m sleeping better."
    – N.G. 48 year old male
  2. De Qi sensation is desired – dull ache- which then dissipates
  3. needles are placed approximately ¼ inch deep or less
  4. needles are left in place approximately 20 to 30 minute 

Needles are sterile and disposed after one insertion

  1. you should feel relaxed
  2. you may fall asleep

After the treatment:

-You may feel a little drowsy – if so you may be asked to stay in the office for   a bit
-Minor bleeding or bruising  may occur (seen in only 3% of treatments)
-pain during treatment occurs in 1% of treatments
-in rare instances symptoms get worse after the treatment (seen in 3% of treatments) – this usually lasts for a short period of time.

Enhance the value of the treatment:

Take it easy and rest after the treatment – Do not plan a stressful work load

  1. drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day
  2. do not eat a large heavy meal immediately after the treatment.
  3. Do not over exercise, engage in sexual activity, or consume alcohol for 6 hours after the treatment.

Monitor the response of your treatment:

  • remember to write down the effects of your treatment
  • pay close attention to your sleeping habits, energy level, and general sense
    of well being
  • have you been able to deal with stress better
  • is your pain less in frequency and intensity?